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Security Weaver’s integrated yet modular offerings have been popular governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions for companies running SAP software since 2004. These solutions ensure superior application performance, rapid implementations across diverse environments, and unmatched returns on compliance investments.

GRC professionals recognize that Security Weaver customers are exceptionally satisfied. Security Weaver customers avoid hardware expenses, leverage existing technical skills, reduce costs, and accelerate meeting compliance regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), or Department of Defense (DoD) mandates. This is possible because Security Weaver's customers have an enterprise-wide unified view of their application environment, avoid tedious work, and are able to focus on what matters.  Because of Security Weaver, IT groups can reduce complexity, costs, and risk, business managers can reduce the risk of fraud while making their operational processes more secure, consistent, and efficient, and auditors can report with confidence on the operational integrity of their clients.

Beyond offering enterprise wide segregation of duties (SOD) conflict management, full automation of the user provisioning process, control of privileged user access, Security Weaver offers what is perhaps the most robust segregation of duties rule set in the world as well as unprecedented time-saving automation through its automated password reset solution. Security Weaver's portfolio of solutions includes a library of differentiated real-time process monitoring controls as well as a workbench to support rapid development of custom controls.  Additional capabilities provided by Security Weaver include: advanced audit analytics integrated with robust reporting and workflow capabilities, auditable mitigation processes, automated license management optimization, and detailed transaction analytics.

Furthermore, because we at Security Weaver understand that every compliance project is unique, we also provide a range of services and custom development options.  This also ensures that our customers get the solutions needed to meet their unique business and technical challenges.

Organizations throughout the world are using Security Weaver to enable a robust GRCM framework while providing Finance, IT and Audit with the tools and visibility they need to reduce the risk of fraud and ensure compliance. Security Weaver has become a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance management (GRCM) software because its software is engineered to ensure customers, regardless of size or industry get the business outcomes they demand.

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