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Security Weaver showcases SOD solutions at SAP TechEd 2016 Bangalore

Bangalore, India

Organizations are focusing more on cost-effective segregation of duties. Security Weaver is a top provider of these services and showcased why at this year’s SAP TechEd in Bangalore India.

Segregation of duties (SOD) is a company necessity. It has become a federal requirement in many countries. Organizations understand the benefits of SOD compliance solutions, but are challenged by the costs to acquire and the skills to implement quality solutions. This year at SAP TechEd 2016 Bangalore attendees showed keen interest in Security Weaver’s solutions which addresses the full scope of SOD management, requires no new expertise to deploy, and can be acquired for a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

Responding to the interest shown by attendees, Security Weaver’s CEO Terry Hirsch said, “It only makes sense that in cost-conscious India, SOD solutions like our Separations Enforcer product are popular. Beyond having a low acquisition cost, it easily automates a great number of SOD management activities right out-of-the-box.”

Separation Enforcer is Security Weaver’s solution for SOD and critical access reporting and mitigation management. It is built using industry standards and offers a stable and scalable platform. It has been proven by some of the largest and smallest companies running SAP.

SAP TechEd 2016 Bangalore attendees also showed interest in Security Weaver’s License Management solution. Hirsch said “License Management is always a popular topic of discussion and this show was no different. Interest is usually due to the high ROI our License Management module offers.”

About Security Weaver:

Security Weaver is a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance management (GRCM) software. Our flagship software suite, Security Weaver is engineered to give customers a unified view of their enterprise-wide application environment so they can reduce the risk of fraud, accelerate the efficiency of operations and ease the burden of ongoing compliance requirements. Security Weaver's suite of products includes tools for the management of enterprise wide segregation of duties (SOD) conflicts, full automation of the user provisioning process, control of privileged user access, configurable process controls and advanced audit analytics integrated with robust reporting and workflow capabilities. Organizations throughout the world are using Security Weaver to support a robust GRCM framework while providing Finance, IT and Audit with the tools and visibility they need to reduce the risk of fraud and ensure compliance. For more information, visit


Rachel Weikum
Weikum Communications (for Security Weaver)