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Webinar February 18th : Four Ways to Automate SAP Security Tasks

Webinar 4 time-saving secrets for cross-platform security!

SAP business users are happier when they are productive. They are unhappy when access is a problem. This is complicated when there are access requirements that span ABAP and non-ABAP environments.  Whether forgetting their passwords, waiting for access requests to be approved and provisioned, or facing authorization errors because they have the wrong authorizations, it is complicated when these issues cut across applications. Consequently, IT security teams constantly face complex distractions as they work to satisfy compliance requirements, manage different technology stacks, and address end-user requests.

In our upcoming webinar, Anand Doppalapudi, Senior SAP Consultant at Security Weaver, will discuss four ways IT teams can reduce the effort and time required to manage heterogeneous environments and complete common time-consuming tasks raised every week by auditors or business users. His recommendations will allow both your business to be more efficient, while also ensuring compliance and security needs are met across a diverse application landscape.

Click here for details on how to attend the webinar event, and to view the recording following the live session.  

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