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Webinar April 08 : Top 10 emerging trends and technologies in SAP access management

Want to hear about the top trends and technologies in access management?

Several emerging technologies are making access management increasingly important and increasingly automated. Trends and technologies such as blockchain, multi-factor authentication, automated role design, the increasing trend to work from home (WFH), datafication, and more are defining and changing the future of SAP access management. Controls to manage risks have never been more important. Access management teams and data management teams are having to work even more closely together in order to properly protect the enterprise. Access management professionals need to anticipate the requirements and best practices that are just around the corner and keep an eye on what is developing so they are not caught off guard and scrambling to keep up.


Stephen DuBravac 
Chief Marketing Officer
Security Weaver

Join Stephen DuBravac, as he discusses 10 emerging technologies and business trends relevant to SAP access management professionals. In this webinar, Stephen will discuss technologies such as blockchain, multi-factor authentication, datafication, remote work, and automated role design.

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