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Webinar April 15th : 4 Ways to Handle SAP Security Authorization Errors

How do you deal with authorization errors in your SAP environment? 

It is common for security administrators to spend a large amount of time and energy resolving end-user access issues. Authorization errors occur for a variety of reasons. These errors can be a result of a role redesign project, a change in responsibilities of the end-user, new development being moved into production (like custom t-codes).

Avoiding authorization errors and addressing them as they arise can be time-consuming, so streamlining the process can substantially benefit administrators (who spend less time troubleshooting and resolving issues) and end-users (who spend less time escalating issues and waiting for them to be resolved). At the end of the day, security administrators have one goal in mind: ensure their end-users have the access they need to do their jobs. 


Join Devin McLaughlin, Senior Manager of Client Engagement & Global Service Delivery at Security Weaver, and Andy Hartly, Senior Product Manager at Security Weaver, as they discuss ways to streamline authorization incident management.

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