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Webinar April 22nd : Using Fiori for Better Stakeholder Interaction to Manage SAP Access Risks Efficiently

Are efficient approvals the key to managing SAP access risks?

In many instances, managing your user access risks can be time-consuming and overwhelming. In big companies, finding ways to streamline the approval process of access risks can mean saved time and money, which at the end of the day, makes your company run more efficiently, while also looking better to outside stakeholders. 

So how is this possible? 

With the introduction of Fiori into the SAP landscape, there are new tools available to security administrators to help make the process easier. With new automated systems, managers or role owners are now able to get alerts in one single inbox, even when they are coming from different applications within the SAP environment.


Chandeep S.Batra 
Senior Manager of Delivery 
Security Weaver

Join Chandeep S. Batra, as he shows ways to centralize your approval process, helping you to manage your access risks more efficiently while also saving time and money.

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