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Webinar February 11th: How Does SAP Fiori Improve the GRC User Experience?

Should SAP GRC professionals care about using SAP Fiori? 

Deploying SAP Fiori creates security and compliance requirements that GRC professionals need to address. But, should GRC professionals want to use SAP Fiori themselves? GRC professionals are required to get into the details and understand complex security data. So, if SAP Fiori is built for mobility and is all about a simplified User Interface (UI) design, then will a UI based on SAP Fiori get in the way of GRC professionals doing their jobs? Security Weaver doesn't think so.

SAP Fiori has a lot to offer GRC professionals and Security Weaver has made significant investments to bring SAP Fiori to GRC teams in a way that improves each GRC team's user experience and productivity.

Join Dries Horions, Product Manager at Security Weaver, as he demonstrates GRC related use cases in an SAP Fiori UI. He will show examples through a variety of product demonstrations of how compliance and security professionals can benefit from SAP Fiori.

Click here for details on how to attend the webinar event, and to view the recording following the live session. 

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