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Webinar February 25th : Guarding Your Precious Asset: 3 Ways to Protect SAP

How do you protect your SAP environment from data loss and abuse? 

Access controls are critical for securing the front door, but what about the back door into your SAP data and transactions?  In order to be confident that your SAP environment is secured, well configured, and properly patched requires constant vigilance. Unfortunately, constantly checking your SAP landscape to ensure configurations have not been changed accidentally (or maliciously), that your environment is complying with the latest guidelines, and that all relevant patch updates have been applied can be time-consuming and tedious.


In our upcoming webinar, Devin McLaughlin, Senior Manager of Client Engagement & Global Service Delivery at Security Weaver, will discuss three key ways to maintain the security of your SAP environment. Examples will include how to automate security audit logging, what security-related parameters need to be set to safeguard your SAP landscape, and how continuous monitoring can help you avoid gaps in your security.

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July 02, 2020 - 5 Key areas in an SAP security Risk Assessment by Devin McLaughlin

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