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Webinar January 21st: Next Level KPIs: Tools to Improve the Role Clean-Up Process

How do you evaluate the quality of your SAP roles? 


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can make all the difference when evaluating the quality of SAP roles.  Evaluating SAP roles is a data-intensive process and can quickly become unmanageable. However, well-defined KPIs can help define the quality of your role architecture, organize vast amounts of data so you know where the issues are, and then help accelerate the role clean-up process. 


Issac Kimmel, Senior Product Manager at Security Weaver, will discuss useful KPIs that can help identify poorly designed roles, align key stakeholders so roles can be changed without triggering an end-users rebellion, and even show progress over time as you refactor your SAP role architecture. Join us as Issac shares how to use KPIs to help security owners know where to start, get quick results, and prove their work made a difference to the security and compliance of an enterprise running SAP.


Click here for details on how to attend the webinar event, and to view the recording following the live session.

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