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Webinar March 4th : How to Find Value Using Continuous Controls in SAP

How do you ensure your SAP reports have not been compromised? 

Even in a well configured, secure system, unseen errors happen. So how does one ensure SAP reports are accurate? The short answer: Effective controls. Controls are put in place to manage risk, create an audit trail, improve efficiency, and detect errors or malfeasance. With the right platform, controls can be created efficiently, deployed quickly, and effectively manage risk.


Join Ashish Sabharwal, Senior Consultant at Security Weaver, and Gaurav Gautam, Senior Developer at Security Weaver, as they discuss how to use continuous controls in order to improve the data integrity of your SAP. They will expand on what types of controls are right for your SAP landscape, the reasons for these controls, and how to implement them in order to avoid errors in your SAP reports.

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