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Webinar September 16th : How to Apply the Principle of Least Privilege in the Real World

How can you apply "least privilege" in the real world? 

One of the bedrock tenants of security in SAP is the principle of least privilege. Many auditors insist that you follow the principle, but what is the principle of least privilege and how do you apply it? The principle of least privilege aims to minimize risk by limiting access privileges to each user to only what is necessary for their specific job-related tasks.

Sounds easy enough to do. However, the reality is: the principle is difficult to apply due to the realities of everyday business operations. For example, an employee at your company may have access rights needed for their job such as processing payroll, or maintaining master data, but what if that employee must cover for someone on vacation?

What if that same person needs additional access rights because of organizational changes, or because someone suddenly left and the team is indefinitely short-staffed, or because that person is training someone within the same functional area but from another business unit? What are the least access rights someone needs when they are no longer in one job because they transitioned to a new job but their new manager agreed that they would help out the previous organization until a replacement is hired? For these reasons and many others, trying to apply the principle of least privilege can get messy fast. 


Devin McLaughlin,
Senior Manager of Client Engagement & Global Service Delivery,
Security Weaver,

Join Devin McLaughlin, as he discusses the principle of least privilege and offers ways to ensure your application of the principle meets the needs of your organization while minimizing unnecessary risk.

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