Reduce Costs and Improve Time to Resolution

Eliminate unnecessary reviews, automate provisioning and deprovisioning, and streamline the request/approval process.

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Manage elevated access for SAP using the leading independent solution:
Emergency Repair by Security Weaver

ABAP architecture

Our ABAP architecture means enterprises save money because no additional hardware or middleware is required and supporting the solution is easy.

Interactive session reporting

Easy-to-understand icons allow reviewers to quickly see what kinds of changes were made and focus on where risks are real.

Pre-approved roles

No need to manage firefighter IDs, elevated access can be provisioned on-demand or on-approval through pre-approved roles for any users who need it.

Future assignments:

Increase efficiency by preparing for temporary access ahead of time. Ensure tasks like weekend production updates get the necessary approvals without after-hour requests or delays.

Role assignment extensions

Security administrators can specify the length of time a user can have access as well as how many times a specific user can extend elevated access.

Automated session review

Only Security Weaver offers the ability to automatically review sessions and allow managers to avoid wasting time reviewing sessions of trivial to no risk..

Solve audit, productivity, and security concerns with automated emergency access

Emergency Repair from Security Weaver manages temporary access for SAP enterprise systems.
Emergency Repair supports both pre-defined workflows and ad hoc requests, creates and maintains
detailed user activity, and ensures proper management reviews are completed.

Avoid wasting valuable time with temporary access tied directly to individual user IDs.

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