Reduce costs while improving control.

Improve productivity with stronger controls,
less fraud, and easier audits

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Catch every combination of executed transactions which violate an SoD rule.

Architecture and SAP HANA compatibility

Enterprises do not need to buy, deploy, manage, or secure a separate database.

Rule matrix neutral

Improves the return on previous investments because it is designed to integrate with any access control platform.

Customizable controls

Highly customizable controls that can be scheduled to run automatically or be executed manually.

Reporting and filtering

Risk owners and auditors can also filter and sort cases based on their individual priorities.

Coverage and performance

A variety of technologies to identify every suspicious and potentially suspicious transaction in
near-real time without impacting the performance of the SAP systems being scanned.

Rapid deployment framework

Automated Mitigations is typically tested and deployed within three weeks and as it reads the existing SOD rule set, alerts are automatically activated.


“For companies that want to more efficiently manage risks associated with segregation of duties, improve collaboration across IT, Audit and Business, and catch 100% of their suspicious business transactions, Automated Mitigations from Security Weaver is the perfect solution. It can be deployed in under a week, is easy to customize, provides an audit trail to prove every risk was addressed and saves both time and money. We like it because it quantifies the financial exposure of access risks. This means that security teams, auditors, and business executives can stay focused on the material and imminent risks instead of having to chase down and deal with every possible risk even when they are most often immaterial, may never be exercised, and are a waste of time.”

- Nelson Miller, Technology Manager, Tenti Tecnología

Scans 100% of your environment’s SoD relevant business transactions.

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