No Longer Be Lied to by Your GRC Access Risk Reports

Accurate and Fine Grain Access Control Reporting Without Maintenance Hassles

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Flawless User Access Risk Reporting for Large SAP Environments

Fewer False Positives and Negatives

Ensures auditors can trust user access risk reports regardless complex the ERP landscape.

Reduced Costs to Maintain SOD Rules

Avoid wastage of time analysizing false positives and manually updating SOD rules.

Fewer Escalations and Greater User Satisfaction

Fewer escalations mean faster time to appropriate access and greater productivity.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Dynamic Matrix does not export or cache data, so users can trust the timeliness and accuracy of its reports.

Advanced Analytics

Enables understanding of how user access risk is improving over time.

SAP S/4HANA & Fiori Support

Regular upgrade and support packages to anticipates and harmonizes configuration differences.

-----Customer Testimonial-----

“Now, we have proof of what has been done, how it was done, and when it was done — and it’s all automated. More than anything else, it has sent a message to users organization-wide that they must be disciplined, be in control, and act carefully.”

— Jitendra Singh, CIO, J.K. Cement

“Now, at the time a license is created, the system automatically determines availability and whether there will be conflicts. If there is a conflict, an immediate prompt appears right in the system. With this process, the time it took to allocate a role-based ID was reduced from three or four days to a few hours.”

— Raghubir Singh, Head of IT, Relaxo Footwears Limited

“We feel that, overall, there is less concern around people taking advantage of the system, and significantly fewer of those incidents will happen now that we have created a more controlled, monitored environment.”

— Dheeraj Muku, Group Head of Technology, Dalmia Bharat Group

Get Accurate Reports Without Costly and Constant Maintenance

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