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Security Weaver showcases role lifecycle management at SAP TechEd 2016

Las Vegas, NV

Full lifecycle management is the gold standard for solutions addressing role management, license management, and incident management. These were all demonstrated by Security Weaver at this year’s SAP TechEd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Security Weaver saw broad interest in its solutions. Executive Vice President of Marketing Stephen DuBravac stated that “Our Role Management solution, in particular, was a topic of great interest. Our Role Management solution can be configured to match any enterprise’s process. This is appealing to both large and small companies running SAP.” Security Weaver’s Role Management supports design guidelines, development standards, documentation requirements, testing mandates, approval workflows, and deployment packaging of production-ready roles.

Show attendees displayed significant interest towards Security Weaver’s License Management solution. “License Management continues to drive interest because it reduces the time required to optimize SAP license investments,” DuBravac said. “Like our other solutions it is designed to support the full lifecycle of SAP license management.”

Lifecycle oriented tools optimize the quality and efficiency of activities within each stage of the lifecycle as well as ensure optimal alignment across each stage of the lifecycle.  The lifecycle for SAP roles and license management includes requirements planning, quality and compliance assurance, transitioning from pre-production to production, role and license assignment or allocations, ongoing operations, and the proper retiring and accounting of roles and licenses.

About Security Weaver:

Security Weaver is a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance management (GRCM) software. Our flagship software suite, Security Weaver is engineered to give customers a unified view of their enterprise-wide application environment so they can reduce the risk of fraud, accelerate the efficiency of operations and ease the burden of ongoing compliance requirements. Security Weaver's suite of products includes tools for the management of enterprise wide segregation of duties (SOD) conflicts, full automation of the user provisioning process, control of privileged user access, configurable process controls and advanced audit analytics integrated with robust reporting and workflow capabilities. Organizations throughout the world are using Security Weaver to support a robust GRCM framework while providing Finance, IT and Audit with the tools and visibility they need to reduce the risk of fraud and ensure compliance. For more information, visit


Rachel Weikum
Weikum Communications (for Security Weaver)