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How EIS successfully mobilized organization-wide SAP access management improvements

Join our webinar on March 28th at 8:00 am (Pacific Time) to learn how Hiba Dagash, Security Analyst at EIS, leveraged the power of data and enhanced reporting tools to set realistic timelines for role re-design projects, build consensus about the work involved, and get business on board with needed changes.

Hiba’s story involves access management issues shared by many Security Analysts and IT Administrators. She needed to create SAP security guidelines and processes, create a shared vision for identifying and addressing Segregation of Duties (SoD) violations across her company’s SAP environment, and help EIS efficiently pass its upcoming SAP license audit.

She attacked these challenges by installing Security Weaver’s software modules: Transaction Archive, Separations Enforcer, Emergency Repair, and License Management. These tools gave her the information she needed to align the company, and the automation she needed to be efficient.
A comprehensive understanding of user activity and access risks provided by these tools enabled Hiba to define the scope and timeframe for a role redesign project to address structural access risks.

Before she started the role redesign project, she knew she wanted a fail-safe that would provide a hassle-free way to keep users happy and the business running smoothly during the project in case any single role was too restrictive. She solved this challenge with Emergency Repair, Security Weaver’s temporary access tool.

With the data she had collected and the roadmap she had designed, Hiba confidently approached stakeholders with her role redesign proposal.  She persuaded company stakeholders that change was necessary. She then successfully executed the much-needed role redesign project, increasing role efficiency and decreasing access risks for EIS.

Once she had access risks under control, Hiba deployed License Management to optimize the value of EIS’s SAP user licenses. This module gave her visibility into end user license costs and accounted for different license types. It is the latest example of how Hiba has leveraged understanding user activity patterns into a more efficiently run SAP landscape.

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