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Blueprint your security practices and possible solutions today

Our wide range of traditional SAP security services include:

Integrate access and process controls across R/3, BW, BBP, APO, CRM and New Dimension Products and a host of other platforms including Oracle products.

Redesign and redefine the R/3 security structure to comply with SOX best practices.

Implement effective and efficient position based provisioning and structured authorizations.

Services for portal customization and integration with component systems to help align policies, controls, mitigations, and best practices.

Training and enablement to simplify security maintenance and administration within SAP.

Evaluation and analysis of custom development and development processes to ensure a secure environment.

Development and implementation of CUA to simplify user administration, allowing security administrators to maintain users in a single central client. 

Full service security administration for those clients who wish to outsource daily work whether it is a cost cutting initiative or simply a means of ensuring the work will be done in a timely manner.