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Security Administrators save time, focus on priorities, and improve customer satisfaction.

Are your GRC reports user-friendly?

Are your reports noisy, inaccurate, or late?

Do your reports take too much time to understand?

Do they show high-level trends?

Can they spot correlations with other data points?

Do your reports engage executives immediately or do they ultimately require significant staff work before the data is aggregated and in a format executives can use?

All of our products offer intelligent reports that are highly customizable.

Are your GRC reports user-friendly?

Are you frustrated by usability issues?

Are you frustrated by usability issues?

High usability can make the difference between tools that help and tools that impede.

At Security Weaver, our product managers come from the trenches. They understand what administrators face, what they need, how they work, and what will help administrators quickly address their organization’s security needs.

With this background, our product teams take pride ensuring security administrators are delighted by the usability of our tools.

How much time would you save if 90% of your authorization tickets went away?

How much time would you save if 90% of your authorization tickets went away?

How satisfied are you with your role design?

How satisfied are you with your role design?

Many are satisfied with their role designs and inventory, but many admins see it as a pain. What about you?

  • Is it easy to manage?
  • Are your roles clean or do they have security risks?
  • Do you have too many roles, too few, or just enough?
  • Is it easy to find the roles you need and to add new roles when you need to?
  • Is it quick and easy to understand the root cause behind a user access issue and how to fix it?

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Are GRC tool upgrades a hassle?

Managing your organization’s security is complex and time-consuming, and becomes very difficult when your GRC platform is difficult and takes weeks or months to upgrade.

Working without a GRC platform can lead to extra work, convoluted processes, wasted time, and unacceptable risks. All good benefits for owning a GRC platform. But, working with a GRC platform should not create problems or a material burden for the security team every time it needs to be upgraded.

We hate upgrade hassles and we don't pass them on to our customers. Security Weaver's upgrades usually require a day to do, maybe two.

Are GRC tool upgrades a hassle?

Security Weaver products made for you:

Eliminate false positives, reduce segregation of duties (SOD) conflicts, mitigate risks, and manage sensitive access efficiently using a highly customizable function-based rule matrix.

Understand exactly what your users are doing and have done, gain insight into role utilization, and create better role designs based on actual user data.

Eliminate management overhead and unnecessary risk by automating provisioning, deprovisioning, and logging required for emergency access management.

Streamline the incident management process for authorization related issues. Automate help desk ticketing and research so you can quickly identify roles and authorization objects best suited to a user’s needs.

Efficiently manage the recertification of users and provide usage data so managers can make informed decisions.

Automate provisioning and deprovisioning so user satisfaction improves, users don’t collect excessive authorizations as they move from job to job, and your security team is not continually distracted by ad hoc requests.

Streamline the role request, design, development, and testing requirements unique to your organization so your access management processes are efficient and consistent. Ensure role maintenance is auditable, the decisions are based on detailed usage data, role designs are SOD clean, and risks are properly mitigated.