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Get help assessing the risks in your SAP environment.

Worse than facing risks you can't control is facing risks you could control but don't know you have.

Avoid the stress

Not knowing the level of risk in your SAP environment can be stressful. Our risk assessment services offer a complete analysis of your technical security environment.

Avoid the stress

Get an objective view of your risks

Get an objective view of your risks

Our rules matrix for identifying segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts and sensitive access has been proven across industries and across geographies. We also have the ability to automatically identify SoD relevant custom transactions that are unique to your business.

Let us help you and your executive team understand in some detail what risks you face and if it is worth your time and money to acquire an implement an automated access risk management solution.

Help executives see where you are

Sometimes data, objective data, is essential for gaining executive sponsorship for a GRC project.  Our free and confidential risk assessment service can provide the data needed to help executives understand whether a risk management solution is needed or is not needed.

Help executives see where you are

Our risk assessments can include analysis of:

All risk assessments include:

Clear and detailed report of current risks.

Expert recommendations for reducing risk through modifications of the SAP security definitions.

Recommendations for improving business and technical processes to increase control and eliminate risks.

Why wait?

Risks seldom go away by themselves. They are more like mushrooms that grow in the dark.