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Self-Service Automation

Want to run IT like a business? You will need to be efficient with your technical resources and to solve issues at the most appropriate level. Security Weaver's self-service solutions do just that.


Employing intuitive self-service solutions means non-technical end-users can solve their own issues. It means help desk staff deal with fewer tickets. It means security administrators can focus on the issues only they can solve. It also means change requests are easier to complete by end users, more useful to administrators, and more likely to satisfy auditors.

Let us streamline and automate ticket creation, reduce the time and effort to research incidents.


Authorization Help

Authorization Help

Authorization incidents can be painful. It means change management and help desk tickets are going to need to be created, research on the exact nature of the problem will need to be done, research to see if the access will cause a Segregation of Duty issue will have to happen, and testing to ensure the newly granted access will solve the user's issue. Additionally, approvals, audit trails, mitigations, ticket status updates, and, ultimately, the end user's acceptance all need to be documented.

How much time does it take you to do all of this?

Authorization Help from Security Weaver reduces the time and energy needed to resolve access issues.

Reset Password

Quit wasting your valuable time on user passwords.  Instead let users automatically reset their passwords.

By letting them solve their own password issues, users are more productive because they don't have to wait on IT and IT is more productive because they face fewer interruptions.

Reset Password

Self-Service Automation tools from Security Weaver

Get the information and recommendations you need to efficiently solve access issues.

Automate password management in SAP by making it a self-service process. 

Reduced time. Increased security.

You need a GRC tool that eliminates the unnecessary steps of resetting passwords and solving user access issues.