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Great leaders enable others

Using spreadsheets to manage GRC requirements can be complex and time-consuming. Without a platform approach, access management requirements alone can cripple the morale of a security team because of the inevitable process fragility and the continuous flow of tedious time-consuming tasks required.  

The suite of tools from Security Weaver is different. They enable security teams to meet requirements quickly, understand their environment, and focus on areas that offer material opportunities to positively impact the business.

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Great leaders enable others

Great leaders hold their people accountable

Great leaders hold their people accountable

Accountability involves reports that are accurate, organizationally aware, and help executives quickly identify patterns. 

Great leaders collaborate

Having a single controls platform makes it possible for security administrators, end users, internal auditors, financial executives, and external auditors to collaborate with each other at unprecedented levels.

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Great leaders collaborate

Here are some of our products that will benefit you:

Analyze your employees’ efficiency within SAP and identify gaps in training with step-by-step user transaction history data.

Ensure the proper SAP license types are assigned and used efficiently through actual user transaction data.

Interpret important compliance data with easy-to-read reports that give you a clear picture of your organization’s risk profile.

Reduce risk around key business processes through a controls framework that continuously monitor end-user activity.

Empower your security team to manage segregation of duties (SOD) conflicts quickly and efficiently with real-time SOD analysis.

Take control of your SAP environment during emergency or elevated access with audit-ready session data tied directly to individual user IDs.

Get your employees access to systems faster while lowering administrative costs with automated provisioning processes.

Give your IT Help Desk staff more time to add to the company’s bottom line instead of assisting employees with forgotten passwords.