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Auditors are the key to good governance and risk relevant insights.

Their independence, range of experience, executive relationships, uncompromising standards, and subject matter expertise make them some of the harshest critics of GRC tools. Fortunately, Security Weaver's solutions have satisfied and amazed some of the most demanding auditors on the planet.

Auditors face a difficult challenge.

On one hand they must prevent, detect, and investigate fraud. They must define controls to meet compliance requirements and then review documentation and data to ensure controls are followed. They must understand the business and regulatory risks and the challenges each business uniquely faces in managing them. 

On top of this, auditors must minimize the costs and productivity issues caused by controls and policy constraints so that the costs of implementing controls do not outweigh the benefits. This includes not only the costs to comply with the controls by the operational team but also the costs faced by the audit and support teams to audit the controls.

Auditors face a difficult challenge.

Security Weaver understands the challenges auditors face

Security Weaver understands the challenges auditors face

We, at Security Weaver understand these costs and the value of controls so to meet this two-fisted challenge, our solutions ensure they offer our customers both protection and the evidence of compliance in a way that makes Security Weaver the most cost-efficient and cost-effective solution on the market.

Our solutions have been proven by external and internal auditors at some of the most respected and demanding companies around and in some of the most highly regulated and controlled industries.

Security Weaver products made for you:

Investigate current and prevent future cases of fraudulent activity with unlimited user transaction histories.

Review evidence of properly designed, developed, and deployed roles and prove compliance.

Ensure continuous compliance with customizable financial reports to quickly identify suspicious transactions.

Ensure temporary or privilege access management practices meet regulatory requirements with detailed logs of user activity and automated deprovisioning of temporary authorizations.

Prove access is properly controlled by tracking requests and approvals from start to finish.

See summary and detailed views as well as trends for SOD conflicts and sensitive access within your SAP system and then ensure roles and users are clean or at least that risks are adequately mitigated and the agreed mitigations are being followed.

Prove re-attestation requirements are met through an efficient and informed process.

Prove authorizations and roles are properly tested and reviewed prior to being deployed into production.

Align board members and all tiers of management by enabling them to quickly visualize risk relevant data to understand current and emerging risks and see the improvements made to an enterprise's risk profile over time.