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Continuously improve your financial processes and simultaneously your organization's bottom line

Integrate governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions into your business to improve efficiency, reduce risks, and increase shareholder confidence.

Understand the total costs of non-compliance

There are many reasons why non-compliance is expensive.

With Security Weaver organizations can eliminate unexpected expenses from regulatory or compliance-related fines, avoid budget surprises triggered by license audits, stop erroneous payments to vendors, and reduce material theft.

See a demonstration showing how Security Weaver can reduce the cost of non-compliance.

Understand the total costs of non-compliance

Understand the total cost of your compliance solutions

Understand the total cost of your compliance solutions

When evaluating solutions, financial managers understand how important it is to know the total cost of each solution.

Software licenses for the specific GRC solution might be only a small fraction of the consulting fees, ongoing maintenance staff and support fees, additional hardware along with the space, energy, other facility costs associated with the costs as well as enabling software such as operating systems, monitoring, agents, virtual machines, and middleware all required to run a GRC or controls platform.

Security Weaver is unique in the market because of its rich functionality and low total cost of ownership.

Avoid budget surprises

Budgets can be and executives will be forced to make unwanted trade-offs if fines or new license requirements. 

Because our solutions can be deployed easily, Security Weaver offers a unique opportunity for enterprises to pilot our solutions and understand just where their budget is at risk.

Avoid budget surprises

Continuously improve your processes

Continuously improve your processes

Finance Managers must understand, assess, control, and improve the core processes of every enterprise.

Whether the process is Order-to-Cash (O2C), Pay-to-Procure (P2P), Journal-to-Report (Financial reporting), or Development-to-Production (Dev2Prod) for SOX relevant applications, Security Weaver has solutions to help Finance Managers continuously monitor and improve them.

To learn more request a free customized demonstration of our solutions.

Show auditors and executives everything is under control

Auditors have confidence that Finance Managers have everything under control when reports are detailed and timely and robust audit trail data is available for activities such as change requests, mitigation reviews, emergency access activity logging, and system user activities. 

Executives know Finance Managers have everything under control when  GRC investments and their ROI are well understood, policies are well defined and enforced without onerously impacting the business, and processes are continuously improving. 

Show auditors and executives everything is under control

Here are some of our products that will benefit you:

Ensure expensive SAP licenses are optimally allocated to minimize costs while meeting all contractual terms. Also, understand how your organization's growth will impact and existing license inventories and budget forecasts.

Reduce business losses through real-time monitoring of business processes and transactions. Stop inappropriate transactions, like duplicate payments, before any recovery of funds is necessary.

Lower operating expenses by reducing the time and effort required to perform access management. Help technical staff, non-technical business managers, auditors, and executives understand and mitigate access-related risks.

Decrease operating costs and address audit findings through an automated and intuitive temporary access management solution. 

Lower administrative expenses and policy violations by automating user provisioning and approval workflows.

Eliminate costs associated with manual, help desk supported password reset processes. Provide a self-service solution so users can reset their own passwords and allow security and help desk teams to focus on more important business issues.

Help executives see the risks they are accepting now and how those risks are being managed over time.

Manage risks, improve processes, and reduce costs.