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Looking to improve role design and risk management in 2018?

Visit the Security Weaver Booth at GRC Vegas!

We are excited to exhibit at this year’s SAPInsider GRC/Financials conference in Las Vegas, Nevada February 12-15. We get enormous satisfaction in helping our current and future customers improve security, increase productivity, and save time and money. This year, we anticipate that people will be very eager to learn how to:

• optimize the value of their SAP and other complex license types
• automatically catch and address suspicious transaction combinations that pose a material threat
• reduce the time and frustration of managing user access risk
• easily create custom process controls that address their organization’s specific access challenges

In the past, Security Weaver has been a leader in access management solutions. Over the years, our products have helped customers achieve control through automation without sacrificing flexibility or security. Our customers love us because our products provide a modular, comprehensive solution that is quick and easy to install and accelerates the value of existing processes.

For example, Multiquip used Emergency Repair to save roughly 60 hours per month in providing temporary access for more than 300 users. And they cut down their audit preparation time by approximately 40%.

After installing Separations Enforcer, JMC Steel identified 20,000 total company-wide SoD conflicts, and quickly reduced them to 100 per system. Within 5 months, 100% of their critical conflicts were removed or mitigated.

In addition to our tried and true products like Emergency Repair and Separations Enforcer, we have some exciting new product developments coming in 2018. These new products will offer leading-edge innovations in role management, role design, role analytics and other role related processes.

What will the new year bring for you and your business? Do you envision the types of changes and improvements that will propel you toward better role design, easier access management, and greater overall productivity?

Make one of your goals this year to attend the Security Weaver booth at GRC Vegas and find out about all the ways we can help you achieve your risk management goals in 2018.
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