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I'm Stephen DuBravac, the newly appointed head of marketing at Security Weaver.  I've been involved in enterprise software for more years than I care to count, and I have to say there is something special about this software company.  Maybe it's our unrelenting technological innovation, or our culture of customer first service, or maybe its the way we work together and with partners or the combination of them all...I don't know.  But, there is something special here, and I am happy to be part of the team.

One of the things I am excited about with my new job, is I get to start a community blog.  So for the first post, I thought it made sense to tell you who I am (done that) and talk about what we want to accomplish with the blog (do that

Security Weaver has been around for almost a decade and we have been remarkably successful in providing companies with the right GRC solutions. 

We have always been very grateful to those enterprises who have supported us and those who continue to support us.  So, we are investing more to build a community to help our customers, and, in fact all those who think about compliance, security, risk, governance and better SAP management.  Specifically we want to help all members:

  1. learn from each other,
  2. adopt increasingly better practices, and
  3. know which practitioners are doing remarkable things for their organization. 

To those ends, we've already established a users group at and our number of members has swelled.  This blog is the next step in a series of investments to contribute back to a community that is making a difference in the world, that is making organization after organization run more efficiently, more confidently, and perhaps most importantly, with more trust.  After all if an enterprise can't be trusted, how can it be sustained?

I have to admit, we are not 100% altrustic in these investments. obviously, we have a large portfolio of products, each with its own roadmap, and one of the things we DO NOT do at Security Weaver is dream up things to build by ourselves.  We do it in lock step with our partners and our customers.  In fact, that is one of the reasons we have perhaps the highest level of customer satisifaction in the industry.  

So besides talking about best practices around using our technologies, we are also going to use this blog to solicit community ideas about trends that they think have interesting implications for our technologies and services, and we are going to use the forum to share about how our product releases and directions fit against the broader backdrop of GRC trends.

These are our goals.  To show we are sincere, I also wanted to solicit ideas from our readers about what they would like the blog to be for them.  So let me know, what do you want?



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