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Webinar: 10 Keys for Cost-Efficient SAP Access Management

What is access management, what constitutes the access management lifecycle, and how can you reduce the amount of resources involved in managing your SAP access without increasing risk? Join Kapish Rathi, Senior Product Specialist, as he outlines 10 keys to understanding the access management lifecycle and explains how, by using proven processes, data, and technology, you can achieve best-in-class security and compliance with the least possible cost in time, money, complexity, and staff.

In this informative webinar, you will learn how to do the following:

• Use a dynamic ruleset
• Utilize the right GRC architecture
• Automate mitigations
• Reduce licensing costs while reducing access risks
• Minimize manager bandwidth
• Automate provisioning for both persistent and temporary access
• Streamline authorization related incidents
• Streamline role management
• Provide the right data to the right people
• Reduce the workload on IT

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