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Webinar August 05th : 5 Tips & Tricks for Automating SOD Conflict Mitigation by Asokkumar Christian and Ashish Sabharwal

How to efficiently handle all SoD risks in your SAP environment? 

Catching 100% of your SAP environment’s relevant SoD business transactions may seem impractical. Due to the magnitude of conflicts possible across your user population and the complexity of most SAP environments, organizations often find it hard to know when a combination of authorizations results in a material level of risk for fraud. To cope with poor reporting, organizations either overly restrict access in order to minimize risk or allow excessive access and then spend time every month researching how that access may have been misused. How can you avoid this? And what is the best way to manage all material SOD risks efficiently? 

By automating SOD mitigations your user access risk reporting allows you to be both comprehensive and focused. It extends SoD analyses so that you never miss material risks while at the same time are not overwhelmed by reports showing more risks than any team can reasonably handle.


Join Asokkumar Christian, Product Development Manager at Security Weaver, and Ashish Sabharwal, Senior IT Consultant at Security Weaver, as they discuss five tips and tricks that can help you automate access risk mitigation. In this webinar they will discuss Security Weaver’s tool Automated Mitigation, and how to plan a successful implementation as well as the benefits included in addressing compliance and control requirements in the simplest way possible.

Click here for details on how to attend the webinar event, and to view the recording following the live session.

Here's a sneak peek into our previous webinar. To watch the full recording, Join our Security Weaver User Group on LinkedIn.

April 01, 2021 - How to Financially Quantify Access Risks and Automate Mitigations in SAP by Asokkumar Christian and Ashish Sabharwal

How to automate SOD mitigations and to work on the risks that matter. In their presentation, Asok and Ashish will discuss how to overcome challenges that can delay automating SoD mitigations and give examples of companies that have implemented and reaped the benefits of automated mitigations.

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