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Webinar: Continuous Controls Monitoring of SAP

April 30th 8:00am GST/ 9:30am IST/ 2:00pm AEST.

Keeping up morale on your audit team can be a challenge when you must rely on sampling to produce results. Even after the long process of documenting, testing, and reporting on processes and controls has been completed, there is always a good chance that things have fallen through the cracks. It just isn’t a foolproof system.

If you have a small team and are running manual controls in an SAP environment, the situation is even more challenging. Controlling and auditing SAP environments can overwhelm even the most capable internal audit teams.

Join us for a free webinar to learn how to effectively orchestrate risk management while improving processes and mitigating security concerns, even with a small team. Shweta Jain, (CA, CISA, CFE), Head of SAP Audits and Controls with 16+ years of experience, will demonstrate how the Process Auditor module from Security Weaver enables small Internal Auditor teams to automate audits and efficiently control SAP configurations, master data, and transactions. She will share a proven methodology for success, pinpoint three critical control targets, and explain how to design controls that reduce risk and audit costs.

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