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Webinar December 09th : Did You Stop Before SAP Security Became Efficient? by Devin McLaughlin

Are you getting the most out of your SAP security investments? 

Every organization has a myriad of security issues. No matter how large your IT staff is, manually catching all-access risks in your SAP environment is impossible. Automation can help, however, this is just the first step. The next logical step after finding access risks is mitigating or removing those risks. Mitigating and removing access risks may be a great deal of work.

This work goes beyond removing excessive or toxic combinations of access. It might involve establishing a sound request/approval process so that toxic combinations or excessive access rights are never granted in the first place. It may require organizational changes to align jobs and new tools to manage processes. However, there should be a positive return on each investment made to streamline security and reduce access risks. 

Each investment should not only improve security and compliance but also reduce IT staff work and employee wait time.  In other words, by streamlining and then automating processes such as password resets, provisioning requests, and recertification issues, you can free up more of your IT team's time and improve end-user productivity.


Devin McLaughlin, 
Senior Manager of Client Engagement & Global Service Delivery,
Security Weaver,

Join Devin McLaughlin, as he discusses processes and tools that can help you get the most from your security investments and ultimately save you money while simultaneously improving your SAP security.

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