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Webinar February 24th : Architecture & Benefits of the SAP HANA Database by Sirish Gullapalli

How do you get the benefits of SAP HANA while avoiding the risks? 

There are several drawbacks to the existing ERP database systems preceding the SAP HANA database. Notably, a few of the major drawbacks include performance and data redundancy. In these systems reports, primarily financial reports can take hours if not days to run since the data is stored in two different places.

With the invention of the SAP HANA database, you can have less latency, less data redundancy, reduced storage space, and real-time analytics. And while there are benefits to moving to SAP HANA, don’t forget that there are still security and licensing issues you will need to take into account such as access security issues that are now owned by the SAP administrators. 

So, how do you ensure that you are taking care of these issues and still getting the most out of the SAP HANA database?


Sirish Gullapalli,
Senior GRC Architect,
Security Weaver,

Join Sirish Gullapalli, Senior GRC Architect at Security Weaver, as he delves into the basics of the SAP HANA database and what automated tools you need in order to ensure that your SAP environment is running as efficiently as possible.

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October 07, 2021 - 3 Project Phases Toward Compliance and How to Succeed at Each by Sirish Gullapalli

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