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Webinar: Getting Role Design Right

How do you design an SAP security model that works for your enterprise? Some companies trust employees explicitly, without worrying about fraud or material misstatement, but this is a risky proposition. Other companies think they don’t have the time, money, or resources to develop a new security model, so they just use whatever they have and try to make it work. Some companies create restrictive roles that prevent fraud, but impair productivity. However, some companies know how to design and build roles that are manageble and both effective at reducing risk and empowering users.

Want to learn how they do it?

Join Andy Hartley, SAP Security Architect with Security Weaver, to learn best practices for designing an SAP security model that works because it is simple to understand, manageable, and effective.

Andy will cover:

• Why SAP security roles are necessary
• What has changed over the years in SAP security role building
• What the key principles of design are and how to apply them when structuring roles
• What are some common errors companies make which haunt them later
• How and why resolving issues with role designs are complicated
• What designs work best

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