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Webinar: How your controls platform can mitigate SAP and business risks during the COVID-19 crisis

April 28th 8:00 am (Pacific)/11:00 am (Eastern)/5:00 pm (CEST)

With reduced staff and shoestring budgets, many companies are struggling to maintain the same level of compliance and security as before the COVID-19 crisis. If you are working with manual controls, the challenge is even greater.

Manual controls make it difficult to track risks quickly or effectively, and often alerts on security issues come too little, too late. It is almost impossible to manage overlapping regulations, maintain complex system configurations, and detect fraud and material misstatements early enough for effective intervention.

In addition to risk management, the process of documenting, implementing, executing, testing and reporting on controls takes more time and bandwidth than most organizations have at the moment.

The answer is a continuous controls platform. A good controls platform can improve compliance and business operations while mitigating business disruptions.

In our upcoming webinar, Gerald West, Head of Application Security and Controls Assurance at Serco Group, will share his experience and practical tips for flexing a controls platform on SAP. He will outline how Serco was able to improve business processes while simultaneously preserving controls in areas like vendor payments, data protection, and system security. He will also discuss how a controls platform can help mitigate some of the current business challenges caused by COVID-19.

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