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Webinar January 13th : What is better than SU53 for handling SAP authorization errors? by Miguel Hernandez Azpeitia

What is the fastest way to handle your SAP authorization errors? 

The most common way to deal with an authorization error is to run SU53. However, there are several problems with this process. It can be time-consuming, the last user authorization error might not be the right focus, and the whole process is manual as far as the user is concerned. Security Administrators may be sent incomplete information and may face distractions throughout the resolution process. How do we avoid these issues, simplify the process, keep end-users informed of progress, and save time (money)? 

Smart automation is one way.


Miguel Hernandez Azpeitia,
Pre-Sales and Delivery Manager,
Security Weaver,
Latin America Division,

Join Miguel Hernández Azpeitia, as he discusses the problems with SU53 and how automation can resolve authorization failures more quickly, simplify the support process, and keep end-users informed.

Click here for details on how to attend the webinar event, and to view the recording following the live session.


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