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Webinar July 29th : Five Ways to Mitigate Risks with Sensitive Access and SOD Conflicts by Diane Reinsma

How do you mitigate risks with sensitive access and SoD conflicts? 

Mitigating sensitive access risks within SAP does not require complicated, tedious, or time-consuming processes. It starts with understanding the nature of the risk, its severity, and who cares about it. From there, you can determine what the appropriate policies are for determining who is allowed to request the sensitive access, how long they will be allowed to have the sensitive access, and how the access will be controlled prior to them getting the access as well as supervised both during and after they had the sensitive access. Those responsible for managing SAP need to map the policy requirements to the critical transactions, authorizations, roles, or profiles that will provide the access.  If all of this is done manually the request and provisioning processes can be delayed, time-consuming and poorly controlled. However, workflow-enabled tools have matured over the years to make the entire process efficient, rapid, and auditor-approved. 


Diane Reinsma,
Senior Product Manager,
Security Weaver,

Join Diane Reinsma,  as she discusses five ways to ensure that you are getting the fastest, most efficient results out of your SAP environment when mitigating risks with sensitive access.

Click here for details on how to attend the webinar event, and to view the recording following the live session.

Here's a sneak peek into our previous webinar. To watch the full recording, Join our Security Weaver User Group on LinkedIn.

April 01, 2021 - How to Financially Quantify Access Risks and Automate Mitigations in SAP by Asokkumar Christian and Ashish Sabharwal

How to automate SOD mitigations and to work on the risks that matter. In their presentation, Asok and Ashish will discuss how to overcome challenges that can delay automating SoD mitigations and give examples of companies that have implemented and reaped the benefits of automated mitigations.

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