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Webinar May 20th : How to Eliminate SAP License Audit Pain

How do you streamline your SAP license audits? 

For many companies license audits can be a huge pain every year. Employees can easily spend weeks preparing for them. With that in mind, the amount of pain you experience during these license audits often depends on how well your security roles are already set up. The more complex the problems are, the longer it will take you to prepare the audit. SAP has a few tools that can help on a small scale, but even with the use of these tools, you are still required to do most of the work manually. 

So how do you save time and money in this situation? 

The answer comes with an automated solution that enables you to streamline your assignments of licenses to users, making the annual license audit a breeze.


Join Kevin Kuestermeyer, Senior Product Manager at Security Weaver, and Devin McLaughlin, Senior Manager of Client Engagement & Global Service Delivery at Security Weaver, as they explain the common challenges with license audits, and solutions that will help you handle your annual license audit process with ease.

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August 27, 2020 - A Step by step guide to SAP indirect User Licensing Costs by Kevin Kuestermeyer

Are you aware of all your indirect license usage?  How can you be sure? Despite your best efforts, you may be missing some license costs as seen by SAP.  

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