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Webinar November 11th : Are You Getting The Most From Automated Emergency Access for SAP? by Diane Reinsma

How much time does automated emergency access save you? 

For most organizations ensuring proper management review each time-sensitive access that occurs in SAP is complicated, time-consuming, and a headache. Having an automated emergency access process in these situations is not only helpful but necessary. But, teams are not getting as much from automation as they could.

As with all things IT, a good place to start is making sure you know what your needs are. In order to do that, a few things to consider are: What sensitive T-codes are most often used in your SAP environment? What do your auditors require of your approval process for granting sensitive access? How quickly do users expect to get sensitive access? Do you need to use sensitive access in order to mitigate SoD conflicts? The list could go on, because, while the idea is simple, every organization is unique and so needs to answer for themselves how to get the most from automated emergency access management.


Diane Reinsma,
Senior Product Manager,
Security Weaver,


Join Diane Reinsma,  as she discusses 5 ways you can get more out of your automated emergency access system.

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July 29, 2021 - 5 Ways to Mitigate Risks of Sensitive Access and SOD Conflicts By Diane Reinsma

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