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Webinar September 23rd : How to Streamline Tedious Tasks for Derived Roles by Allen Cutting

Are derived roles right for your organization? 

If you have a large company, it is likely that you have a complex organization with a variety of organizational levels. In this situation, you will often need to create individual criteria for roles at each organization level. This is where derived roles come into play. A derived role or some may call it a “Child role”, is a type of role maintained within SAP ERP environments. These roles inherit transactions and menu structure from the Master Role often called the “Parent role.” Changes made in the transactions and menu structures of the Parent role automatically fall into the derived role. This helps increase the level of role standardization at a company and lowers the burden of managing common roles across the organization. However, while a Parent or Master role passes on its transactions, menu structure, and authorizations to the derived role, the organization values of that role are not passed on. And in a complex organization, it can take hours of tedious work for employees to enter the individual organization values of each derived role, and this can lead to errors and consequently access issues. 

So how can you eliminate these errors and save time? 


Automation to the rescue! Join Allen Cutting, Senior Solutions Architect at Security Weaver, as he discusses the benefits and drawbacks of derived roles, and ways that you can use automated tools that pre-define sets of organization values, reducing the time and effort often needed to create them.

Click here for details on how to attend the webinar event, and to view the recording following the live session.

Here's a sneak peek into our previous webinar. To watch the full recording, Join our Security Weaver User Group on LinkedIn.

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