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Choosing a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solution or migrating to a modern GRC platform can be daunting. Security Weaver has developed a simple process to fit any organization no matter its size or current GRC status. Below is a quick way to move forward towards your GRC goals.

  1. Assess your current risks against established rules for good compliance,
  2. Determine the quick wins that will bring your risks within your organization’s risk appetite and simultaneously reduce GRC costs,
  3. Pilot a tentative solution over a couple of days that will achieve those quick wins,
  4. Implement just enough technology and process to meet your specific needs; quickly addressing the greatest risks,
  5. Show senior management, shareholders, auditors, and governance boards material progress and build momentum for a long term and agile roadmap that is tied to a series of business appropriate milestones.

Getting started is simple. Click on the link to request whatever will best enable you to accelerate achieving your GRC goals:

A confidential risk assessment

A customized on-site demo

A free trial

A quick proof of concept

For more information on how Security Weaver is the right choice for you, click here