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Security Weaver noticed early on firms who purchased Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions found themselves spending more to manage their compliance software while their software vendors spent less on developing that software. As a result, those vendors were falling further behind industry requirements. Additionally, many firms were shocked by the excessive investment required to migrate or upgrade their GRC solution. We have since noticed some GRC vendors bundling their software creating costly solutions that go far beyond what they need.

Security Weaver is the first GRC vendor in the SAP ecosystem to offer a Safe Passage Program for any company concerned about the cost to maintain or upgrade their GRC toolset. Our Safe Passage Program provides each firm with a technology roadmap that satisfies their unique business and compliance needs.

Learn more about how to spend less on compliance while achieving improved control, security, and regulatory compliance through Security Weaver’s Safe Passage Program today by contacting Security Weaver or by using the instant chat feature located at the bottom left of this page.