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Security Weaver Showcases Unique Set of Technologies at SAP TechEd 2012

Las Vegas Nevada

Security Weaver™ showcased three Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions during SAP TechEnd 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 15th to October 19th.   The solutions showcased were Security Weaver Password Reset, Transaction Archive, and License Manager.

Stephen DuBravac, Executive Vice President of Marketing said, “We've seen a lot of interest in our solutions at the TechEd this year.  Our password reset solution is generating a lot of interest because of the incredible returns customers get from it.  So many password related interruptions occur every day and harm the productivity of SAP technical staff.  It has been really nice to see how delighted our customers are and the high level of interest by potential customers in this solution.”

In addition to Security Weaver's password reset solution, attendees to this year's SAP TechEd were also able to learn about Security Weaver's license management  and user transaction management solutions.  Terry Hirsch, CEO of Security Weaver, was at the event and said, “One of the reasons Security Weaver scores so high in customer satisfaction is because we are willing to invest in things our customers care about, and when we build something we do a quality job.  Two examples of this are our License Manager and our Transaction Archive products.  Both of these came from a discussion with a customer who really appreciated the quality of our products and asked us if we would consider building them.  It has been a win for both us and our customer.”

Regarding the Transaction Archive product, Isaac Kimmel, product manager for Security Weaver's Transaction Archive product, said, “It is designed to help customers understand actual usage patterns to make better role assignments, improve license management, and enable efficient discovery.  With respect to building this solution, it has been a real pleasure working with our customers and seeing their vision become a reality.  This solution is definitely not something we thought up while hiding in a laboratory,  It is something one of our customers needed and, since they liked our work, asked us if we would be interested in building it.  We felt like we could build the solution in a way that would meet their requirements and be valuable to many other companies as well.” 

Third solution showcased, Security Weaver's license management solution is designed to enable customers to reduce the cost, time, and uncertainty associated with managing SAP user licenses.  Sumit Sanga, Security Weavers' CTO, said, “We decided to build this tool because we saw one of our customers spending too much time managing their license inventories.  However, beyond just making things easier, one of the thing that keeps us excited about the product is that it can actually lower a company's average cost per SAP user.  Instead of just guessing high to play it safe, our customers know exactly how many user licenses they need and they know exactly what kind of license they need for each customer.  This means they are not  paying for licenses and support that they don't need.  When you think about how much a company spends on SAP every year, year after year, and that much of that spending is based on the number of users, you can see very quickly we are talking about a significant amount of money.”

About Security Weaver 

Security Weaver is a leading provider of application controls management software for use with SAP applications.  Security Weaver solutions are globally recognized for leading performance, scalability, ease of installation and ease of use.

Security Weaver offers one of the most robust and proven segregation of duties rule sets in the world, but doesn't stop there. Security Weaver also offers time saving automation, real-time process monitoring controls, full user provisioning, audit-able mitigation processes, automated license management optimization, transaction and audit analytics, and a rich reporting environment. Furthermore, Security Weaver understands that every compliance project is unique so they provide an array of services and rapid custom development options   Organizations throughout the world are using Security Weaver to provide a robust application controls framework for use with SAP applications while providing management, business, finance, IT and audit with the tools and visibility they need to reduce the risk of fraud and ensure compliance. For more information, visit


Rachel Weikum
Weikum Communications (for Security Weaver)