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Available Data Sheets:

With our Authorization Help module, security administrators get the information they need without having to spend time researching access issues.

Automated Mitigations enables organizations to catch and mitigate every SoD violation, reduce fraud, and carry out easier and more cost effective audits.

Quickly understand your access risks and compliance levels without having to install software.

Emergency Repair's strong process related controls create more efficient audit trails, providing corporate auditors with readily available information and substantiation for regulatory compliance.

Optimize SAP user license allocations to get the best return on your software and support investments.

Process Auditor provides organizations with an integrated approach to continuous compliance monitoring in SAP by delivering out-of-the-box functionality for monitoring end-user activity.

Many organizations that run SAP are wasting thousands of dollars and work-hours every month, due to manual password resetting processes.

See the patterns in your risk related data and understand how organizations within the enterprise are affecting its risk profile.

Role Management provides organizations with a solution to help optimize the entire role lifecycle.

Various regulations and basic common sense regarding security demand enterprises recertify their security roles twice per year.

Whether on-premise or as a Cloud solution, Secure Enterprise enables rapid assessment of your access related risks.

Secure Provisioning makes adding, modifying or deleting users smooth and efficient while ensuring that security and compliance rules are being adhered to.

Separations Enforcer identifies potential functional conflicts faster, allowing enterprises to meet their compliance verification requirements quickly.

In today's cost sensitive, risk averse, and performance oriented markets, companies that make the most of the data they have will be prized higher than those who fail to make decisions based on the best data possible.

Simplify the role and authorization testing process by automating tedious activities and streamlining the authorization testing process.

Will you pass your next data security and compliance audit? Our solutions give you the controls you need to be GDPR compliant.

Enables enterprises with large SAP environments to finally report accurately on access risks at the authorization object and field value levels.