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Data + Context = Insight

Discovering, contextualizing, communicating, and acting on meaningful data patterns is essential. Enterprises are more secure, processes more efficient, and decisions are quicker and more appropriate when valid data and robust analysis can be used.


How are risk-relevant user behaviors identified in your organization?

How are patterns in risk-relevant data recognized and communicated to those executives who need to authorize action and then repackaged for those who need to take the action?

At Security Weaver, these and other challenges associated with robust risk-relevant data collection, correlation, analysis, and communication have been elegantly addressed for both large and small enterprises.


Risk Visualizer

Risk Visualizer

The modern enterprise needs more from its compliance data than ever before. Our Risk Visualizer product addresses a wide range of risk-relevant challenges, such as:

  • How to correlate compliance data with business data to assess market, operational, and technical risks.
  • How to align different teams on what needs to be done and the mitigation status of a given risk.
  • How to accelerate risk relevant decisions and make them more fact-based and trend-aware.
  • How to improve project status assessments for risk management projects that span multiple organizations and have dependencies beyond a single security team.
  • How executives have improve accountability and better enforce compliance across and within organizational structures.

Transaction Archive

Detailed user transaction data provides insight and build consensus involving everything from role design to training evaluation to policy formulation.

User transaction data is critical for forensic analyses and often the only place to go in order to understand what exactly took place and where security gaps exist.

User transaction data can also streamline help desk support by enabling quick recreation of a user's issue. 

The challenge has not been how to use detailed user transaction histories, but how can detailed user transactions be captured without impacting the performance of the system, retained without driving up storage costs, and then reported on in a way that removes complexity from the analysis and removes noise from the data.

Transaction Archive

Authorization Architect

Authorization Architect

Improve your Role Designs while Reducing Costs and Complexity

Authorization Architect automates the design of SAP roles. Analyzing a user's existing authorizations, their historic usage patterns, and their job function groupings, as well as segregation of duties (SOD) rules and sensitive access concerns, Authorization Architect ensures roles adhere to defined naming conventions, are adequately reviewed, and are properly documented. The solution will precheck the design of each role and alert administrators to any SOD violations. The design can be  amended as required. Consequently, no unknown nor unapproved risks will be present in the role design. With Authorization Architect roles can be efficiently designed, built, and maintained. Furthermore, an unrivaled audit trail is automatically created to prove that all stages of the role lifecycle are under control.

Analytics tools from Security Weaver

Comprehend risks and align teams to protect your organizations and make better business decisions.

Improve end user management, training efficacy, security, and forensics with detailed user transaction histories.

See what is coming at you

All of Security Weaver's solutions are designed to help you see your risks from a distance, mitigate them before they cause problems, and improve the efficiency of your compliance and risk management processes so you get the highest return on your investments.

Making good decisions requires the right data, at the right time, interpreted in the right way.

Our tools provide the data and the analysis you need to understand your organization's risks and to make good decisions.