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Compliance Professionals Enthusiastic About Lowering Costs and Leveraging Data Using Security Weaver

Las Vegas, NV

March 3, 2018 – At this year’s SAPInsider GRC conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada, many security and risk management experts spoke about best practices and their recommended tools. Security Weaver was pleased to be one of the recommendations by a leader in the field. Hiba Dagash, Security Administrator for EIS, detailed how she leveraged the power of data and enhanced reporting tools from Security Weaver to align management expectations, set realistic timelines, re-design roles, and rapidly build consensus across different organizations for access controls in SAP.

Attendees were eager to see how she used and implemented compliance tools from Security Weaver such as Transaction Archive, License Management and Separations Enforcer. Dagash shared with the audience how EIS Inc. dramatically lowered SAP license management costs, quickly achieved unprecedented levels of compliance, and improved end-user management.

Conference goers were also interested in finding ways to reduce the cost of managing segregation of duties (SOD) challenges. Many were impressed with the capabilities of Automated Mitigations, which scans 100% of an environment’s SOD relevant business transactions and pinpoints violations that carry a material risk, then raises alerts and documents how the risk is managed.

In addition to lowering costs using Automated Mitigations, many attendees were intrigued by the exceptional cost savings Separations Enforcer offers to companies just getting started with SAP access management. Separations Enforcer offers a proven, fully customizable SOD matrix that automatically identifies and reports on custom transactions that are SOD relevant. It supports simulations at the role and user levels, enforces mitigating controls, and leverages user histories to report on whether a conflict has been exercised. Because it is written in ABAP and runs within nearly any SAP ERP environment, it requires no additional hardware, nor does it require a connection to a cloud platform. Consequently, it offers one the least expensive and least complex solutions for enterprise access management.


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About Security Weaver:

Security Weaver is a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance management (GRCM) software. Our flagship software suite, Security Weaver is engineered to give customers a unified view of their enterprise-wide application environment so they can reduce the risk of fraud, accelerate the efficiency of operations and ease the burden of ongoing compliance requirements. Security Weaver's suite of products includes tools for the management of enterprise wide segregation of duties (SOD) conflicts, full automation of the user provisioning process, control of privileged user access, configurable process controls and advanced audit analytics integrated with robust reporting and workflow capabilities. Organizations throughout the world are using Security Weaver to support a robust GRCM framework while providing Finance, IT and Audit with the tools and visibility they need to reduce the risk of fraud and ensure compliance. For more information, visit


Rachel Weikum
Weikum Communications (for Security Weaver)